Hello fellow traveler and foodie!

I’m Sophie, a 29-year old professional working in education. Since a young age, I have been passionate about languages and started travelling properly at 17 when I went to Barcelona, Spain for a few months as an Au Pair.

Since then, I have visited 30 countries, which I am very proud of. I keep notes and pictures of all of my trips, which I happily share with my friends. Instead of sending them a picture of my scrappy notebook, I figured it would be nicer to compile everything on a website and share it with the whole wide world!

To me, the best way to discover a new city and country is by walking, either listening to music if I am on my own or chatting with a travel companion. Having a rough plan of what I want to see in a city, I easily get lost which thankfully often makes me discover hidden gems.

My friends joke about me travelling all the time and thinking about food too often, hopefully my passions will serve you too! Feel free to comment, share you own tips and of course, save my notes!

Welcome! 🙂

Some questions I am often asked:

  • Why do you always use the username twentrythreehours ?
    I was born on a 23rd of July, so consider 23 as my lucky number. Hours, because I always check the time I have left before moving onto the next step. Twentythreehours sounded nice to my ear so I decided to adopt it!
  • Where are you from?
    I am from a tiny city called Troyes, in France. A weekend is enough to visit Troyes, its old town with the half-timbered houses but also the famous outlets. Troyes used to be the city of textile but unfortunately, the knowledge disappeared and brands are now manufacturing in other countries thanks to cheap labour.
  • Where do you live?
    I have been living in London for over five years and now call it home. I’m based in Greenwich, in a lovely house with a garden, cool housemates and most importantly, my cat (who is too cute and whom I miss when I travel!).
  • How many countries have you lived in?
    Five. France, Spain, United Kingdom, United States, Mexico.
    I grew up in France; worked in Barcelona, Spain; studied in Leon & Guadalajara, Mexico; did an internship in New York, US and worked in Oxford & London, UK.
  • What do your parents think about you travelling so much?
    I’m lucky enough to have fantastic parents who have always supported me to choose my own path, even if that meant making mistakes and missing each other a lot. Luckily, my parents know the basics in Viber, WhatsApp and Facebook so we stay connected. My mom worked to fund her trips when she was young, my dad worked abroad and my younger brother did a world-tour, let’s say travelling is in our blood!
  • Where are you next off to?
    The next big trip will be a 4-day weekend in Iceland in February with one of my favourite travel buddies! Iceland in February, we must be mad! For sure, we are very determined to see the Northern lights!
    After then, I will travel to Japan with a high-school friend for two weeks for sakura festival, any tips are more than welcome! I will also hopefully go to NY this Spring, fingers crossed!
  •  Which is your favourite destination?
    Mexico! I went there for a semester abroad first and loved it so much that I decided to go there for my Master’s degree. The people, the food, the diversity of landscapes, everything is amazing there, I truly feel at home and would like to retire there.
  • Which trip made you reflect the most?
    Most probably Cuba. I went there during my Master’s in Mexico for ten days with a close friend. Cuba completely changed my perspective of the world. It is a beautiful country, unfortunately full of poverty. Nonetheless, Cubans are some of the nicest and most cheerful people I’ve had the pleasure to meet. I am hoping to go back soon and cannot wait to see the changes are after Fidel Castro’s death. Hoping the country will develop but still remain traditional.

    Any other question? Feel free to contact me!