Los Angeles, city of angels

I have to admit, I am not a big fan of LA, but still, there are a few cool places in the city!

When we went, we stayed in Venice beach which was pretty cool and reminds me of a Shoreditch by the sea, with all the hispters, trendy shops and street art.

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The Venice canal historic district is lovely to walk along and admire the houses, the skate park by the ocean front is pretty cool too, especially at sunset when bands are playing on the beach. In Venice, you have the Abbot Kinney blvd nicknamed « the coolest block in America » with vibrant boutiques, art galleries and restaurants.

If you are as big a fan of street art as I am, there are loads of graffiti on Windward Avenue and all around Venice. You can learn a lot about them on muralconservancy.org

If you love art, the LACMA, Los Angeles County Museum of Art is also the place to go. They have an exhibition about Diego Riviera and Pablo Picasso until May 2017 and overall, the place is worth a visit thanks to all the quirky art and simply the LA vibe.


After going to the LACMA, you can drive around Beverly Hills where many Hollywood stars have houses and stop on Rodeo Drive, the upscale shopping street.

Los Angeles has a big art scene; we also went to the Getty Centre which has an lovely cactus garden and amazing panoramic views of the city. Closeby, you also have the famous Mulholland Drive and Melrose Avenue, also great for shopping.

Of course, LA wouldn’t be complete without the Hollywood sign. The best place to see it is the Lake Hollywood Reservoir, a surrealist oasis in the middle of the city where you can hike and gaze at the famous sign. For more panoramic views of the city and the Hollywood sign, you can go to the Griffith Observatory, which has a planetarium and free public telescopes to admire the stars when the sky is clear.

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One of the highlights of the trip was Universal Studios, where you should spend the whole day. The attractions are not scary and all the sets are amazing. You can go behind-the-scenes during the Studio Tour and for instance see the Bates Motel, a plane crash and a live flooding. Since we went in 2013, it looks the park has changed a fair bit with the newest addition,  The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame was a real disappointment, we stayed there for literally five minutes as it was not only full of tourists but also of trash and completely disgusting. Definitely not worth the struggle to find a parking spot. Talking about parking, it is extremely expensive all over Los Angeles but having a car is essential as distances are very high and the transport system not the best.

Despite not being the most exciting city in Cali, Los Angeles still has many cool spots and it is worth visiting at least once in your life!

After a quick tour of Cali, time to fly to the other side of the US and visit the big Apple!

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